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Growth Mindset For The New Year: January 1st Embracing Imperfections

I know that there are some areas of my life and daily habits that need to be enhanced, and I have desired to tweak my social skills for a while now. Day one of the new year’s growth mindset is to embrace imperfections. This is a crucial step for making improvements, and it is also necessary for change. I have admired people who are thoughtful of others on another level, the people who do not mind taking a back seat in conversations, and who have thoughtful habits to make others feel important. Sadly, I am blunt and to the point, so much so that I rush through encounters with people to try to be efficient. This is just one of the ways that I notice imperfections in my character. I want to devote time to develop skills necessary to apply more thoughtfulness to my social encounters, and I know that when I look for other areas of imperfections, I can dive deep into self improvement for my betterment in the coming year.

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