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Growth Mindset For The New Year: January 11th Growth Mindset Activity

Today is a good day to begin to develop a new skill that will crate growth. I like to think of myself as a people person who loves interaction with new people. But, due to my reclusive lifestyle a few years back, I struggle with communication skills. To be specific, I am in a rush to communicate, and spend the whole time interrupting the ones that I am conversing with to give a quick comparison or similar story. It has been a real problem, and I have had someone tell me that I seem socially anxious! I really am, but being alone for so long has caused me to forget that I am no longer alone. I began my new year journey because I have admired others who are great listeners, and want that quality for myself – there are many admired qualities that I am after, but I’ll start here, today.

The problem comes from not really being able to be present when I am engaged in conversation; my mind goes to other instances of the subject at hand instead of focusing on the person talking. It is a real problem, and I found a great resource to use to learn about becoming a better listener. I intend to study these 8 tips and incorporate them into my lifestyle for my betterment. The information can be found at

I am utilizing this new tool to upgrade my listening abilities and to become a more active listener. I hope that others can gain from this information.

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