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My Healthy Mind Series: Mental Energy

On most days, I am so willing to lend a hand to a person in need, but there are times when all of my strength needs to be focused on my mental and physical wellbeing. I love allowing the spirit of generosity to lead me, and I find great pleasure in being a giver, but giving more of myself to others than I can spare has its disadvantages.

It is mentally healing to be a giver, but I tend to reach the point that it becomes damaging to me. One example is during a recent physical health crisis that I went through; I did not stop the helping hands ministry that I had been doing, though I was in need of rest. This particular crisis was especially elongated due to lack of self care – I had not healed after the first round of medication, and had been prescribed another round.

The mental energy was already on a negative note, but my neighbor, who I was helping, put the breaks on all hopes of getting through a long unpleasant situation with some extra needed grace. It is important to remember in the stressful times to call on the inner calm shield that saves me from unwanted emotional and mental turmoil, but too much negativity in cramped small spaces was more than I could bare. You know, I really feel sorry for people who do not know of the beautiful and magical powers of meditation, and I do not know where I would be today without it!

Though I did not choose the smartest path at the moment, I really am proud of the way that I refused to allow the negativity to be present when I returned home. I began my meditative cleanse right away and am happy with the peace that filled my space; I know that not everyone has had the fortune to overcome societies rat race without fighting, and I am so sorry for them! I can pray for my neighbor to win his war that rages within, and I know that The Creator is full of grace and love. Negativity does not have to be stronger than our choice to walk away with inner peace, and positive mental energy is essential for my mental health journey. I hope that others can benefit from this blog post!

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