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My Healthy Mind: Decluttering Your Space For A Decluttered Mind

While struggling with mental illness, the mind becomes the breeding ground for excessive thoughts and activity that is not productive for the healing journey, but the mental struggle grows exponentially in cluttered spaces. In fact, my mind becomes overworked while I live in cluttered surroundings, and I struggle to function as well as I do when my space is clean and clutter free. Daily life can be challenging with depression and anxiety, but keeping my home spotless and tidy is one tool to help me win the battle against my mental illnesses.

Clutter not only reminds us of our lack of accomplishments, but it has an affect on our brains. The impact of visual overload on our brain will cause severe cognitive issues over time. Memory drain is one problem that the excessive visual stimuli can create. The over worked brain can not hold on to so much information at one time, and memory drain is a side effect of living in surroundings with too much visual litter.

Living in cluttered spaces has an affect on our mood, as well. It drains the energy and keeps you in an unproductive state. The mind is overloaded with the activity in the room, and it can not focus on being in an upbeat mood or even very productive. It also has an impact on sleep and restfulness. All I want to do is sleep if I find my surroundings to be cluttered and messy, but if I have an organized space, the energy level is high and I stay active. My mood is also very pleasant and high at those times.

The impact of having my home neat and properly organized on my mental health is tremendous! I have noticed so much improvement in mental focus, energy levels, and mood stability since I have begun an organizational habit in my living space. I encourage others who struggle with clutter and focus problems to try to implement an organizational system in their home to see for themselves just how rewarding it can be! My mental wellness journey took a turn for the better when I began to declutter and organize. Remember, out of sight, and out of mind! I hope that others find this blog pst useful!

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