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Growth Mindset Day Twenty-Six: Growth Activity Challenge

I am continuing the Growth Mindset Challenge today with an activity for a special treat as we are going to look at changing mundane habits in our day to day life that create boredom. Repetitiveness of daily tasks can lead to a lack of vigor or zest for life that causes a restlessness within. Stepping outside of the comfort zone of auto pilot activities can add a spice to each new day and create a new outlook for breaking cycles of old habits. Something as simple as changing the route taken to work, or changing the direction that you walk your dog through the park can spark the desire to generate other changes that you may have been putting off. People are often creatures of habit, and ritually doing day to day tasks can create patterns that establish a set schedule of daily events. Often, one small change can be the catalyst for something major that has been on the back burner, but never came to fruition. Making small changes in your daily routine is one way to open up a window to allow fresh air into your habits and create a spark for change. I hope that others find this blog post useful!

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