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Hello! My name is Michelle, and do I have a story to share…

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, and I am not willing to be governed by my past or feel that society’s imposing labels fit me. I know this because I have already begun my transformation, without waiting for permission. Life is sweet, and when I shifted my perspective to a positive view, life became FUN!

I have many reasons for wanting more from life, and self-motivation skills become addictive with practice. I took a good hard look at myself, and lived to appreciate it; I had sadly allowed depression and anxiety to dominate my lifestyle, leaving me to believe that I could not do better. After giving meditation and holistic practices a try, there was a remarkable transformation in my mind and body. I recently started living a plant based lifestyle, and have had tremendous results. There is now so much JOY in my life! I hope that my story will encourage positive changes in others who desire more from life.

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