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Feed Your Emotions

In our modern society, rich decant food is more the focus for socializing, family gatherings, or to give comfort than decades past. Comfort foods have taken a huge leap from occasional Sunday pot luck treat – full of richness and calories – to feeding the family every night of the week. I know first hand how easy it is to fall victim to the pleasure and feelgood vibes of fast food, but, I have also experienced veganism and the incredible new car feel that my body, and mind, gain from a plant based lifestyle. Having begun a holistic healing lifestyle, I have found that the foods consumed by the body are, ultimately, what the body will be; our bodies gain all strength, nutrition, vitality, and brain power from what we consume, along with a healthy lifestyle full of activity and exercise. This is the main drive behind alternative and holistic medicines .

There are many paths to healing. While westernized medicine places much emphasis on medications and surgery, other cultures have rich ancient knowledge, important for the health and vitality of our bodies. Ayurveda, from India’s Vedic culture, is a prime example because it applies to each individual in an individual manner. There are two main topics involved in Ayurveda; one is the constitution that is consistent over a long period of time – the prakruti – and the other is the constitution that is most recent – the vikruti. The Ayurvedic institute, located in New Mexico, has resources available on their website to determine your individual constitution. There, you will also find a food guideline, to help bring a better balance to your mind and body. This method of healing takes time, but it is more reliable for gaining a healthy, energized body than a diet which promises fast results and leaves you wanting more.

Because it is customized to treat health on a day by day basis, it is important to keep a diary for determining which foods help balance and which cause an imbalance. There is a point of homeostasis within the bodies systems that allows for optimal performance of the mind and body. Ayurveda is complex, but a helpful tool for maintaining balance and for gaining anxiety free days.

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